Quality pharmaceuticals need Quality Assurance, and PharmaDanica employs complete integrated QA/QC monitoring programmes.
Distinction in health products
At PharmaDanica nothing is as vital as the quality of the products we offer. Each step of the way from selection of raw material, through production, and delivery to the end product and service, all processes are subject to stringent Quality Control.

Our quality system is your guarantee for safe products, and a highly-experienced team of qualified staff ensures that the products meet specifications at all times. In addition, the Danish health authorities carry out on-site audits to make sure that facilities and procedures comply with international standards and pre-defined criteria

Pursuing the mission of offering high-quality products at affordable prices, the company is committed to large-scale production and maintaining effective internal procedures. The key to securing competitiveness without compromising on quality is innovation throughout the entire organisation. At PharmaDanica we take a pride in continuous development of our products and processes.

In close co-operation with the quality department our registration staff are working on product registrations in core markets as well as new territories. A comprehensive range of product documentation is available to meet the specific needs of the individual market.

At PharmaDanica we believe that maintaining the highest quality standards in our daily work is a fundamental requirement, and we strive to disseminate this philosophy through our products and services.

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